bi-monthly sessions with the brotherS & guided study 10 stage journey

live recording retreat IN OJAI, CaLIFORNIA

REcord THE original songs FROM YOUR JOURNEY in the BK studio

celebrate your music in the world with Stripped performance-based recordings




Whether you journey with us privately or as a group, Stage 9 of the Songwriter's Journey culminates in a deep dive recording retreat with the brothers and your full SWJ team in Ojai, California. We have found that this act of leaving the 'normal life' behind and dropping into this sacred valley allows our artists to access previously untapped aspects of their story and voice. The Retreat is your time to fulfill the commitment of our journey together, your commitment to yourself, and your commitment to be heard.

Those on the private six-month journey will stay on 30 acres of working orange orchard in our SWJ retreat house .