Isaac has the uncanny ability to climb inside an artist's head and guide them to the download of their soul's song. His love affair with music began in dramatic fashion when a friend casually picked up a guitar, and he found himself compelled to wail the blues. He left Australia in pursuit of his studies  in music theory and its affect on human psychology and physiology. His Artist Identity and Lyric Immersion sessions ask us to delve deeply to touch the place of inspiration within.



Thorald knows how to fully embody authentic expression. He was just 17-years-old when he left Australia to join his brother in New York to start The Kin and unexpectedly found himself navigating not only the highs and lows of a newfound rockstar lifestyle, but the challenges of mental illness. His experience has given him to an intimate knowledge of the tricks and workings of the human brain and emotional body, and he brings this insight to his vocal and Whole Body Instrument coaching.


KRISTEN SMITH | program coordinator

Kristen has a finely honed talent for turning ideas into actions. She met Thorald at a time in which the message of finding her truth, standing in her experience, and boldly declaring her rejection of the old way was urgently needed. She knows first hand that daring to suck can provide unparalleled freedom and dramatically shift the way you exist in the world. Her keen editing eye and innate understanding of order and detail keep BK productions running smoothly.


kyle mangels | recording & MIX engineer

Owner of Son of Man Studios, Los Angeles.