Musician Chris Leamy seems to be one of those lucky artists who has found solid footing in the music industry.   Today News

[Leamy] has since signed a deal with Sony's distribution arm RED. They are releasing a video and full album in September.   – CNN

Helping those in need is definitely this musician’s forte.   – Huffington Post

It is crucial as an artist to continue to experiment and push yourself outside your comfort zone, both in process and perspective. – Chris Leamy, premiering his single "Crime" in MAXIM

Over 10 million views of Chris' story on NowThis

Produced by Johnny What, the track builds its pathos through a sparse instrumental reminiscent of Jamie xx or Noah “40” Shebib. NØVE’s voice is unique for this type of beat...[he] manages to be powerful while still being sexy.   – Surviving The Golden Age

[NØVE's] new single "Taboo" premiered exclusively at Surviving the Golden Age,who calls it “powerful while still being sexy.”   – Prelude Press

Leamy's vocal range and the pulsating, synthesized beat are an enticing combination, and the lyrics stimulate the listener's imagination…we will be hearing a lot more from this talented artist, and the headlining performance at Rockwood is just the start of what is sure to be a big year.   – AXS

[Justin Michael] Williams considers himself a conceptual artist... However, while he was writing (with with help of Isaac and Thorald Koren of The Kin) he was surprised with what surfaced. It is when he embraces that darkness fully that his music really found its footing.          – UTMOST

Honest and true, pop artist Shanee Pink is of the likes you’ve never heard before.   – Highlight

She embraces spectral, distant sounds just as much as the maximalist indie composition of her peers and it gives her a unique voice as an artist. The excellent “Norma Jeane (This Ain’t Hollywood)” from her debut EP Impermanence builds into complex, dark layers like Shugo Tokumaru at his most moody.  – Korbyn Rachel, named 2016 AXE Collective Artist in SPIN