Have The Brothers Koren speak at your event, or work directly with your teams… WRITE YOUR COMPANY SONG!

People often seem more concerned with keeping their jobs than risking brilliance through failure, (we like to call it Daring to suck) and often corporate teams are unable to express and create with one another to produce results effectively or efficiently, executives blocked from their full leadership potential by their inability to be vulnerable, AND BE THEMSELVES POWERFULLY WITH OTHERS.

Reframing the creative process and Being powerfully yourself with others changes everything….

“Effective communication in business is not so different from communication through music. We are essentially and always our ability to express and listen with others in the world. We are ALWAYS using our whole body instruments to get what we need in our lives, whether singing or speaking.

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"They blew us all away at The Extreme Leadership Experience by facilitating our group of 100 people to collectively write an original song from scratch."

- Steve Farber, President & Founder of Extreme Leadership, Author of The radical LEAP


radical Creative expression through the voice and song

"If you’re a leader, not only do you owe it to yourself to re awaken your creative expression, but you owe it to the people you’re leading. You owe it to them to bring that level of discovery and inspiration because it’s going to show up in everything you do, all the relationships you have, all the projects you’re leading and teams you’re involved in. [Song is] an unusual and powerful avenue that the majority of people never consider.

Scaling Mt. Everest is a great comparison. The outward-bound wilderness excursions have been popular in the corporate world for a long time as team building events, and the reason it was so popular was it was a way to get people to look at themselves and how they interact with each other. All you come back with however are pictures.

What about “Let me play you my song.”? That’s a really cool thing because it’s not just a static thing on the wall. If I’m a high-powered exec who has gone through this process and I have someone in my office, when I press play, I’m in the experience with them. I’m not just showing them a picture. Because now I’m seeing how they’re responding to it. I’m getting nervous, all of the experience comes right back in the moment. Every time you play the song, it’s like holding up the mirror again. That’s really quite extraordinary.

We have responsibility as leaders to generate energy in the environment around us, and going through a process like this – I may never play this recording for anyone but myself, and that is perfectly fine. Because every time I play it for myself, what’s going to happen? I’m going to get energized. I’m going to get inspired. I’m going to get switched on to my own creativity, and that’s going to transfer to the people I’m working with."

WATCH: The brothers write a song with the room.

LISTEN: To the final product recorded by the Brothers Koren


"Here’s what I learned [about the brothers], there are qualities that they have that come through in everything they do. Yes they have a process, yes they have their skills, but there’s something about the way they show up that makes for really significant leadership qualities.

Here’s the first thing: The element of inclusion. Their approach is so inclusive as to be almost shocking. Their default mode is to bring people in.

And then, their inclusive nature is magnified by this very deep belief in other people. When they sit down with somebody that they're meeting for the first time, they're starting with the belief that that person can express themselves in a way they’ve never been able to before.

And then there is the challenge to get us to act on the belief they have in us. It’s not just, oh I believe you; it’s, so what are we going to do about that!? It’s the challenge to the artists within to emerge. They have the ability to cultivate another’s voice so they can express who they are in a deep way. [The brothers'] musical talent comes in through bringing that product out, capturing it."

"It’s this whole spectrum of inclusion, belief, challenge, cultivation, refinement, capturing the immortality, immortalizing the work, the person, their voice, their story, their legacy, and helping them to express it in a glorious kind of way."

- Steve Farber, President & Founder of Extreme Leadership, Author of The Extreme LEAP



We spark innovation and communication among teams & executives by inviting them to recognize creative risk, vulnerability, and the discomfort of new challenges as tools that open us to our most brilliant downloads. 

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The brothers want to drop your company into the completely unfamiliar territory of songwriting and ask them to step into risking failure, opening to their potential brilliance, and bond from a place of uncertainty and vulnerability with their co-workers. BK shares personal stories of their rock & roll experiences, entertain with a few songs...and write an original song with the room. Participants will leave amazed at their collaborative capacity & wonder what else they might achieve together. 

2 hour program & day long programs available.



One-on-one full immersion awakens a new depth of leadership through intensive deep dives into story, beliefs, and a re-crafting of the personal hero's journey narrative. The process, which culminates in a completely voice-noted original song, allows journeyers to identify and address blocks that had been unknowingly running his or her leadership style.

Live retreat in Ojai, California. 2 nights orchard retreat house included.

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Two days or two weeks, invite BK to perform their music and run programs throughout the course of your corporate retreat. With themes like Dare to Suck, Get Comfortably Uncomfortable, and crowd favorite Write the Company Song, your teams will develop a new common language born of embodiment and vulnerability that they can't help but bring back to the boardroom.

Programs tailored to your company's needs.