There is a voice that lives in each of us that is busy keeping us safe from the next misstep, embarrassment, harm, or trauma. It tirelessly remains on alert for any and all risks to our safety and security within our tribe. And it communicates with us in a plethora of ways. Like a four-year-old transacting to get her way, it may scream danger warnings or coax us away from a desire with saccharine sweetness. We lovingly refer to this little voice as the Inner Critic. There's only one problem, the Critic, like a four-year-old, has an ill-informed understanding of genuine danger and a well-worth-it risk. Rather than let the hyper-vigilant Critic blunt our experiences, it's up to us to thank it for its years of loyal work and transform our relationship with it from one of dictator to one of advisor. We call this exercise Conversations with the Critic. It is a way to begin the process of engaging our inner critics and allowing them their appropriate place in our lives.