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MARCH 19, 2018  |  the Brothers Koren & the inner critic | LISTEN HERE

The Brothers Koren have worked with over 50 singers as writers, producers, and mentors. Over the last four years, we've shepherded both professionals and those for whom music had always been a sidelined fantasy on journeys to their full expression. And we've observed first hand how loudly the inner critic lives in each of us and what a block it can be to our ability to voice in the world.

Tune in to hear us talk about how we engage our inner critics in our work and lives. Award winning composer and music director Deborah Hurwitz will interview us along with 20 other leading artists and entrepreneurs for Productivity for Perfectionists: How to Stop Procrastinating, Quiet your Inner Critic, and Love Getting it Done. The full online interview series is free. Sign up, and get a taste of our newest experiments in radical expression.

March 11, 2018  |  Music and magic with Dr. Marissa  |  Listen Here

What do you do after you retire from opening for Coldplay, Rod Stewart and pink? You put yourself in the service helping other people find their own true authentic voice. The Brothers Koren brilliantly share their music, their passion, and their understanding of the wonder of our voices, assuring Dr. Marissa that everyone can be a singer and that our songs can help us rediscover and believe in ourselves again.

March 1, 2018  |  Interview with Steve Farber  |  Listen Here

Steve Farber, author of The Radical Leap, CEO of Extreme Leadership, and Songwriter's Journey alumni, interviews the brothers about the relationship between expression, risk, and effective leadership.

April 17, 2017  |  Face Your Dragon : Rebelliously Show Up as You  |  Listen Here

Find the courage to dare. It’s time to bust through the walls of resistance you’ve built around the things you’ve wanted to do. The Brothers Koren are helping people do exactly that. In this episode, Brad Axelrad interviews Isaac and Thorald Koren who are not only real rockstars themselves, but are working to help others be the rockstars of their own life. They started the journey after experiencing the music industry’s suffocating grip on their personal identities. Rather than compromise their true forms, they shifted perspectives and saw an opportunity to make a difference and live their purpose. The brothers encourage the outcasts, the shy, and the self-conscious to rebelliously show up as their true selves and nurture the passions that have been suppressed by old wounds and fears.


They got everything they asked for: record deals, international notoriety, playing big arenas (touring with Coldplay, Pink, Bon Jovi, and Rod Stewart), but recording artists Isaac and Thorald Koren (The Kin) hadn’t quantified what to wish for or how to transact for it. Naively assuming their talent, passion, and fame would eventuate into their personal and financial satisfaction, they confronted a sea of indifference and inventoried their lessons to help others. They launched the Alchemy of Creative Expression (A.C.E.) [update: known now as The Songwriter's Journey], developing a method to help the talented musician, artist, or executive unleash their unique voice and turn their talent into gold.