RECONNECT WITH YOUR VOICE, your story,and create your song

"YOUR VOICE IS WHOLLY UNIQUE, like a fingerprint. Are you really willing to live out your entire time on this planet with it going unheard?"

The Songwriter's Journey is for those of us who have always had a heart for music but have, for whatever reason, left her by the wayside.

Maybe you kept the band together until it was time to grow up and get a real job. Maybe you still visit music occasionally on the weekends. Or maybe singing your song has only ever be an indulgent fantasy.

It’s time to finally sing out your song with your voice like only you can.


Three pillars of THE journeyS



You are made up of the music that has moved you throughout your life. Through a series of games, inquiry and self-learning, the Brothers Koren have a simple and practical way of understanding you as a musical being.



Through 20 years of voice and Behavior coaching, We have discovered that everyone, when back home in their body, has a radical and distinct voice that needs to be heard. We have developed specialized tools and techniques to access your Big and one of a kind voice.



Chances are, you have been walking around feeling like your life is not interesting enough or worthy of being told to other people, or not enough to justify writing a song. Who do you think you are? Your Inner Critic may say this and more to you, to silence you. The Brothers hold the space of curiosity for you to see how magnificent your path has actually been. In Speaking up and voicing your distinct narrative, BK sets out to ultimately free you from your stories and become simply an experience of Being. An experience only you can feel, until you fully express it.




We want each and every person be radically expressed. A world of women and men fully connected to their voices, their stories, and embodying their authentic selves? That is a world WE want to live in.

Those who journey with us discover that the 'indulgence' of your music and your hard-earned life is not an either/or decision. A person who discovers what it is to be fully expressed musically discovers what it is to be a fully expressed human. We help people invite their orphaned music back to the family dinner table, and we see it lead to greater satisfaction in all aspects of life."

With mantras like DARE TO SUCK, GET COMFORTABLY UNCOMFORTABLE, and LET FEAR EXCITE YOU it is a journey unlike any other.



choose your journey


songwriter’s journey - private

·         6 month container for 10 step guided practice

·         One-on-one zoom coaching every other week

·        Pacing tailored specifically for your lifestyle

·         Stay in our private retreat on 30 acres of secluded orange orchards

·         Record 2 or 4 original songs on your personal Ojai retreat

·         Extended recording options available for complete EPs or albums.

SOngwriter’s journey - group

·         15 weeks

·         10 step guided practice

·         2 hour group zoom calls every other week

·         Peer coaching support between calls

·         2 one-on-one sessions with Isaac & Thorald

·         Record an original song from your SWJ experience

your big voice - global group

·         Easy-to-follow Audio guides you can listen to anywhere, anytime from any device

·         Game changing creative assignments

·         Direct access to Thorald and Isaac via zoom video calls

·         9 step creative roadmap

·         Everything you need to know to breakthrough and nothing you don’t

·         Simple and impactful teachings




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Amy is a testament of our work… she went from never having sung or written a song, to having an full album coming out that integrates her message of empowering women to speak up and BE themselves in the world.

“this isn’t about claiming my voice, it’s about claiming my LIFE."



A successful investment banker, Chris had always played in bands but left music behind to get a 'real job.' He didn't think he could have both. After recording 3 EP’s with us, his inspired musical second job was picked up by major news outlets, and he was signed to SONY.




Former broadway performer Bruce left the stage to become a CEO and join the faculty of Stanford University. His voice and his music felt left to the wayside. By creating his Renaissance Human album with us, music again is an integrated part of his life. 

Told as a child not to sing, Sadie was well known as the mohawked yogi, but she felt the absence of music and her voice too strongly to ignore. Now,after facing her fears, she's gone on to record 3 albums with us and tours the country with her band Sadie & the Tribe ,as well as her rockstar yoga career.


Whether you journey with us privately or as a group, Stage 9 of the Songwriter's Journey culminates in a deep dive recording retreat with the brothers and your full SWJ team in Ojai, California. We have found that this act of leaving the 'normal life' behind and dropping into this sacred valley allows our artists to access previously untapped aspects of their story and voice. The Retreat is your time to fulfill the commitment of our journey together, your commitment to yourself, and your commitment to be heard.

Those on the private six-month journey will stay on 30 acres of working orange orchard in our SWJ retreat house .




Musician Chris Leamy seems to be one of those lucky artists who has found solid footing in the music industry.   Today News

[Leamy] has since signed a deal with Sony's distribution arm RED. They are releasing a video and full album in September.   – CNN

Helping those in need is definitely this musician’s forte.   – Huffington Post

It is crucial as an artist to continue to experiment and push yourself outside your comfort zone, both in process and perspective. – Chris Leamy, premiering his single "Crime" in MAXIM

Over 10 million views of Chris' story on NowThis

Produced by Johnny What, the track builds its pathos through a sparse instrumental reminiscent of Jamie xx or Noah “40” Shebib. NØVE’s voice is unique for this type of beat...[he] manages to be powerful while still being sexy.   – Surviving The Golden Age

[NØVE's] new single "Taboo" premiered exclusively at Surviving the Golden Age,who calls it “powerful while still being sexy.”   – Prelude Press

Leamy's vocal range and the pulsating, synthesized beat are an enticing combination, and the lyrics stimulate the listener's imagination…we will be hearing a lot more from this talented artist, and the headlining performance at Rockwood is just the start of what is sure to be a big year.   – AXS

[Justin Michael] Williams considers himself a conceptual artist... However, while he was writing (with with help of Isaac and Thorald Koren of The Kin) he was surprised with what surfaced. It is when he embraces that darkness fully that his music really found its footing.          – UTMOST

Honest and true, pop artist Shanee Pink is of the likes you’ve never heard before.   – Highlight

She embraces spectral, distant sounds just as much as the maximalist indie composition of her peers and it gives her a unique voice as an artist. The excellent “Norma Jeane (This Ain’t Hollywood)” from her debut EP Impermanence builds into complex, dark layers like Shugo Tokumaru at his most moody.  – Korbyn Rachel, named 2016 AXE Collective Artist in SPIN