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We know how important it is to you to feel connection, courage and power in your voice. It is our bias that music is the language of the human soul and singing is the key to the embodied doorway.

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In-Person Workshops

May 26th – 28th | Big Sur, CA

The Embodied Voice

The Embodied Voice at Esalen institute Big Sur CA – Come home to your whole body instrument, and discover your unique sound. Explore your voice in a rich and interactive environment to create vitality, joy and empowerment in your life.

June 14th – 19th | Loveland, CO

Sacred Sound Healing Retreat

Gather with world-renowned experts and immerse yourself in a sanctuary of sound, movement, and ceremony in the beautiful Rocky Mountain foothills of Colorado. 

A collective awakening of expanded potential, new discoveries, activations of deepened coherence, heart, and presence — and practical integration of the catalyzing power of sound as medicine!

June 30th-July 2nd |Stockbridge,MA

Sing the Body Electric

Sing the Body Electric at Kripalu, Stockbridge, MA – What if you could use your voice from a more embodied place? What would it look like to discover your voice? This June, join us and sound therapy pioneer Eileen McKusick for a retreat designed to help you find the power in your voice.

Leave the immersive retreat feeling recalibrated, uplifted, and sonically invigorated. Previous participants noted dramatic changes in the freedom of voice after this safe and fun experience!  

July 28th – 30th | Rhinebeck, NY

Sounds That Heal

Join luminaries in the field of sound healing for a weekend festival to lighten your spirit, expand your heart, and embody your unique essence.

Unleash the curative power of sound and develop a lighter heart, a freer spirit, an inclination to break into song, and a newfound appreciation of life and community and your role in it.

August 11th -13th | Rhinebeck, NY

The Embodied Voice

Come home to your whole body instrument, and discover your unique sound. Over this weekend, we set a safe space for you to reclaim your power and connection to your body while grounding into the gravity of your whole body instrument, and sounding out powerfully what it feels like to be you and alive.

Virtual Workshops

Online Workshop

Sing The Body Electric

This two-day event is designed to leave you recalibrated, uplifted, and sonically invigorated. No previous musical experience necessary – useful for the first time explorer of voice and also for seasoned professionals! Previous participants noted dramatic changes in the freedom of voices after this safe and fun experience!

Electric Health & Sound Therapy pioneer Eileen McKusick and transformational leaders and international recording artists, the Brothers Koren , collaborate to explore the voice as a healing tool for wellness and vitality!
Learn how to use the power of your own voice, electric breath, and resonant sounding,
In an interactive immersive workshop!

Have you ever longed to dive deeper into the healing potential of your own voice?
Over the last two years, we have discovered a new embodied approach to awakening the whole body instrument, reconnecting with emotion through voice, and electrifying ourselves with our own healing resonance️.

Discover your electric body, get in tune with the power of your voice, and liberate your human instrument in this unique experience of resonant embodiment!

Electric health & sound therapy pioneer Eileen McKusick and transformational voice leaders & international recording artists, the Brothers Koren combine their disciplines to create an electrified, liberated, embodied experience of vocal expression and play.
Using the power of new awareness, breath, sounding, tuning, and interactive immersion into the innate musicality of our human instruments, we will explore the 24 tones of our Sonic Anatomy, experience expressing the range of human emotions with sound, and play with musical modes, archetypes, and a little bit of improvisation!

Key Takeaways
  • Discover and use your voice from a more embodied place
  • Gain a deeper understanding of where emotions reside in our bodies and what they sound and feel like
  • Recognize how we can use music to express and balance our feelings and our bodies and biofields
  • Learn powerful, unique, useful exercises that you can repeat regularly
  • Stretch the boundaries of your expression!
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Live Events & Performances

The brothers combine musical performance with collaborative voice experiences, giving audiences a feeling of being included in the creative process.
Their concerts are interactive, dynamic and engaging, dissolving the ‘fourth wall’ and creating a safe space for listening and audience participation.
For the brothers, the songs and stories are woven together to take the room on a journey, where music is medicine and songs are transformational.

Dates TBD 2023

Announcing new interactive live voice performances soon

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